The Fates Chosen Heir is said to be a myth. But some know the truth.

Through the Veil of Elysian, faeries and humans rule side by side. Before the birth of the twin faerie princesses, a prophecy was foretold. One child to be chosen for light and one for dark. To save their land, the human king helps send one of the princesses through the Veil and into the true Human World.

But a prophecy must come to fruition.

Years later, Evie Monroe finds herself knee deep in tequila and other questionable coping mechanisms. But when the handsome Captain of the Stalwartian Guard arrives on her doorstep, she learns that faerie tales are real—as well as the monsters that come with them. Now she must fight to save a world she never knew existed. And if she fails, she will doom them all.

In this prequel to FATES CHOSEN, a young faerie learns she is part of the magical prophecy to end all prophecies. The one that is spoken of as folklore. Only, she’s not the one that saves the world—she’s the one that sets it aflame.

Filled with love, dark magic, and tragedy.

Every villain has an origin story.

This is a novella and is to be read AFTER reading Fates Chosen.

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